This site makes available the original Arabic (also Persian and Syriac) for the passages translated in the book series "The Heirs of Avicenna: Philosophy in the Islamic East, 12-13th Centuries." The passages have been transcribed from the printed editions and manuscripts cited in these volumes, and are arranged thematically in correspondence with the chapters in the volumes. Each link below will lead you to a PDF of the passages in their original languages. This is a free resource and may be used for all teaching and research purposes.

Note that we are still in the process of finalizing and uploading the PDFs; we aim to have them online completely as soon as possible.

The "Heirs of Avicenna" volumes and this online resource were made possible by the support of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The project was led by Peter Adamson, Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich. He worked in conjunction with a team of postdoctoral researchers including Fedor Benevich, Dustin Klinger, Michael Noble, and Sarah Virgi. Additional material was provided by Salimeh Maghsoudlou, Alex Kalbarczyk, Nora Kalbarczyk, Hassan Rezakhany, Francesco Zamboni, and Saleh Zarepour. The transcriptions themselves were done by Nada Abdelsalam, Hanif Amin Beidokhti, Michael Lessman, and Abdurrahman Mihirig. We would also like to thank the project advisory board: Khaled El-Rouayheb, Heidrun Eichner, Frank Griffel, Judith Pfeiffer, Reza Pourjavady, Mohammed Rustom, Gregor Schwarb, Ayman Shihadeh, Tony Street, and Robert Wisnovsky.

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1 Metaphysics and Theology/الالهيات

Bibliography of Primary Sources _ قائمة المراجع المصادر الأولية